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First Steps to Recovery is a hybrid outpatient provider that offers virtual, mobile, and in-person treatment. We specialize in same-day access to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD). We will be with you throughout the whole process.

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Virtual Substance Use Treatment, Family Services, Recovery Peer Support & Community Solutions.

If going to a treatment program in person is impractical or impossible for yourself or a loved one, consider our hybrid treatment with telehealth options. First Steps to Recovery offers outpatient services and telehealth treatment for alcohol and substance use and other mental health disorders.

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About First Steps to Recovery

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is that we improve the wellbeing of patients and communities by delivering patient and family-centered health care.

Our Vision is that we will define and deliver “Medicine of the Highest Order” and set the standard for compassion and innovation.

Services We Provide

Opioid Use Disorder

We help those addicted to opioids like perscription painkillers, fentanyl, as well as the street drug heroin.

Individual Therapy

We specialize in working wth individuals who are suffering from mental health or substance abuse.

Family Therapy

We believe that family issues are best addressed with all parties present. We work with families to create goals that fit everyone’s needs.

Group Therapy

An effective form of psychotherapy where people with the same experiences meet and talk under the supervision of a qualified therapist.

Recovery Peer Support

A Certified Recovery Peer Advocate(CRPA) brings valuable lived experience with addiction and recovery, has completed specialized training and receives supervision, to effectively provide non-clinical recovery support to individuals in or seeking recovery.

Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment That Works

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Mobile Recovery Services

Helping locals make connections to address questions & struggles they are facing with Opioid/Heroin & Substance Use Disorders

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