Ron Clinton

Program Director

Ron Clinton’s remarkable 24 year experience is highlighted by a personal dedication to organizational effectiveness and empowering others to succeed. He has devoted most of his professional services in the area of assessment, consultation, development, planning, and management providing services and expertise to small mid-size & large companies.

Mr. Clinton has worked as an Intake Director for Damon House New York and continued working in the alcohol & chemical dependency field with Inter-Care Ltd., a Betty Ford affiliate, as a primary therapist. He then worked for Special Care Hospital Management where he developed and implemented acute care medical detoxes in private hospital institutions and served as a business development agent.

Mr. Clinton initiated the first residential treatment provider for Brooklyn Treatment Court and fostered major relationships within the alternative to incarceration community. Mr. Clinton also has developed Physician Practices with a special emphasis on Urgent Care Facilities; he has served as the NYC North Brooklyn Health & Hospital Chairperson for HHC overseeing public hospitals and ensuring they were providing quality care to the communities they served and also ventured into the private hospital arena where he served as the Director of Physician Services for Interfaith Medical Center.

Mr. Clinton was the President and Founder of Helping Hands Unlimited a nonprofit organization providing transitional housing for former substance abusers with chronic mental illness and HIV diagnosis located in Brooklyn, NY. It was through HHU that Mr. Clinton created a mission of bringing forth qualified health professionals into improvised communities to ensure the delivery of quality care. As a community leader and advocate he served on numerous boards and committees; his drive and passion for effecting positive change are evident through his personal efforts in staying involved in community services. He has represented clients in various capacities working closely with inter-governmental affairs at the city state & federal level ensuring the public interest of their clients.

Mr. Clinton spent a large portion of his career in the medical arena owning & operating Diagnostic Testing and Durable Medical Equipment Companies. He provides a wide array of expertise and skills in the areas of crisis intervention management, board development, executive coaching, technical assistance, legislative correspondence, community relations, financial analysis & budget preparation, health care staffing, clinic management, and development of hospital mergers & reorganization. His service portfolio includes real estate development, strategic & business planning, financial & marketing restructuring in the areas of advertisement, media, press releases, and image campaigns as well.

Mr. Clinton graduated from Boricua College with a Bachelor Degree in Human Services and continued his graduate studies at Yeshiva University where he received his Masters in Social Work specializing in community organizing. He also provided second year field instruction for students from NYU, Fordham, Adelphi, and Yeshiva Universities.

With all the success and accomplishments he has achieved his overall greatest success has been providing for his family and always making sure throughout his business accomplishments family is number one!

Mr. Clinton has been trained in Structured Family Recovery® *STRUCTURED FAMILY RECOVERY® is a specific, well-defined program for addiction recovery management leveraging family systems conducted by practitioners who have completed the Love First, Inc. STRUCTURED FAMILY RECOVERY® Counselor training program and are certified by Love First, Inc. to conduct the program. Mr. Clinton also recieved training in the CRAFT technique. Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is designed to improve communication, reduce confrontation, stress and enhance the willingness of engaging a loved one in treatment.